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Notice of the List of Successfully Certified High-tech Enterprises

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The success of high-tech certification represents the acquisition of a company’s hard brand, which can be said to be more powerful in the market. The brand influence of the company is second only to some Chinese famous brand products, Chinese well-known trademarks and national inspection-free products. The identification of high-tech enterprises is still very necessary. Not only is promoting the transformation of enterprises to science and technology innovation is the driving force for the development of an enterprise, but the identification of high-tech enterprises is a policy guide that guides enterprise innovation. Its purpose is to guide enterprises to transform into the science and technology industry, move towards independent innovation, and improve technological innovation capabilities. Paying more attention to the capital market A high-tech enterprise can be said to have attracted much attention in the capital market, and it is also favored by some local governments and industry organizations.

The notice on publicizing the list of the third batch of high-tech enterprises to be recognized in Henan Province in 2018 is as follows:

1 Lufeng Machinery (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.

2 Zhongzhou Electric Co., Ltd.

3 Jiaozuo Yingli Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

4 Xinxiang North Hydraulic Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

5 Henan Lixuan Technology Co., Ltd.

6 Zhengzhou Bestway Electronics Co., Ltd.

7 Henan Hanlv Municipal Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.

8 Anyang Sipu Machinery Co., Ltd.

9 Henan Yumei Construction Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd.

10 Zhengzhou Yunyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

11 Zhumadian Yufeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd.

12 Luoyang Yonggong Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.

13 Kaifeng Jiufulai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

14 Henan Deyao Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

15 Henan Kuaiyidian Education Technology Co., Ltd.

16 Henan Guanghe Zhihui Network Technology Co., Ltd.

17 Henan Xidao Instrument Research and Development Co., Ltd.

18 Henan Sponge City Engineering Technology Service Center Co., Ltd.

19 Henan Weisen Technology Co., Ltd.

20 Tiansheng Electric Co., Ltd.

21 Henan Guardian Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

22 Jiaozuo Jiyue Nano Material Technology Co., Ltd.

23 Zhengzhou Heyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

24 Biyang County Fungus Research and Development Co., Ltd.

25 Linghang Information Technology Co., Ltd.



In order to better pursue the business philosophy of "Quality First, Sustainable Management, Customer Satisfaction, Re-innovation of Technology, and All-weather Service", so that the company's products can be standardized in every link of production and be effectively upgraded and optimized. Therefore, we have introduced high-tech to ensure that we provide customers with better products and services.